Mr. Wouter Pienaar

Winemaker Wouter Pienaar

Born September 29, 1940
Died February 5th, 2020 at the age of 79


BSc ( Agric )  University of Stellenbosch , South Africa  ( 1959 - 1962 )

Major subjects:  Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Viticulture & Oenology


Employed at Stellenbosch Farmers Winery from  April 01- 1963 to June 30 - 2001  ( 38 years )

1963 – 1967: Microbiologist - responsible for all microbiological activities i.e.  sterilisation procedures,fermentation procedures , routine laboratory analysis & research projects

1968: Production trainee  at SFW. - blending, filtration & cold stabilisation departments

1969 – 1982: Senior Wine Buyer  - advising co-operative & estate cellars on various modern winemaking techniques and selecting the styles of wine suitable for SFW products

1983 – 2001: Cellarmaster SFW

All activities from vineyard to bottling stage, selection of grapes,determining ripeness & harvest date, winemaking procedures,blending & clarification procedures, purchase of new cellar equipment, planning of new cellar & improvements to existing cellars,management & training of work force (60 persons ), regular tastings at local  &overseas venues for promotional purposes & overseas visits for research & marketing purposes ( Europe, U.S.A., Canada, Australasia,South America & Far East.)

Other activities

  1. S.A. Society of Oenology & Viticulture ( SASEV ) - on the executive for 10 years - President for 2 years
  2. Representative on SA Wine & Spirit Board from 1996 and still active
  3. Judge at various SA wine shows since 1965 and still active
  4. On examination panel for the SA master of wine course

Retired from SFW: July 2001

Activities since retirement

  1. Consulting in various cellars in  South Africa since 2001 - still active
  2. Consulting in Spain - 2001/2
  3. Consulting in Turkey - 2001
  4. Consulting in Hungary - 2002
  5. Consulting in Portugal - 2002 -2019

Activities in Portugal - 2002 – 2019

My involvement in Portugal opened a whole new world to me. Not only was I fascinated by the natural beauty of the region, but also impressed by the achievement of the local inhabitants, regarding the establishment of vineyards under severe adverse conditions, creating a unique image for their product (needless to say top quality port ) and also being able to control the quality.

There is certainly no doubt about their ability to produce top quality grapes for the production of port ,red & white wines. The winemaking procedures range from the old traditional trampling of grapes in the "lagares " to ultra - modern maceration techniques.

The general consensus of what is the best method is somewhat controversial, the old method with obvious problems regarding temperature control & expensive labour problems, popular for tourist attraction, but also a very thorough & gentle way of obtaining good colour &
total extraction of tannins & flavours.

This by no means takes away the usage of modern equipment, where top quality is also acheived, especially where large quantities of grapes are involved. My preference would be to have a combination of the two winemaking systems.

I have been privileged to be exposed to the wine culture in the Douro for many years. I have been impressed by the expertise in all aspects of  the grape & wine production in the Douro.
Their enthusiasm & ability to share their knowledge with other winemakers and also accept suggestions from other producers can only broaden their vision. The facilities as well as the expertise can surely compete with all other wine producing countries.

To conclude, I think all winemakers strive to ensure that whatever nature provides us, we capture the best to produce the best quality.

Mr. Manuel Henrique Da Silva

Winemaker Manuel Henrique Da Silva

Born in Vila Real – July the 2nd, 1965.

Degree in oenology by UTAD – Universidade de Tràs-os-Montes e Alto Douro – Vila Real.

From 1987 performs functions of oenology and since 1994 as Tecnical director of ROZÈS, S.A. Port wines and Douro’s.

From 2005 to 2008 - Panel member of the tasters Board of IVDP for Douro’s DOC.

Since 2010 - Member of the Advisory Panel (approvals resources for Douro’s origin  designation).