Quinta do Nöel Porter Beer with Port


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Quinta do Nöel is a Belgian dark strong Ale with port wine.

Christmas is all about family and coming together to share good times and good flavours. This beer is celebrating just that, as it blends the family of beer and wine.

The base of the beer is a Belgian inspired brown ale, which is then skilfully blended with port wine from the award winning winery “Quinta do Pégo”. This marriage is truly a flavourful one, where the beer lends aroma and taste of dark berries, a spicy fruitiness and a slight sweetness. This is further enhanced by the addition of the LBV from Quinta do Pégo, which creates an even deeper fruitiness and character of figs, spice and nuts.

Together this is a dessert in itself, which easily can be enjoyed with Christmas cakes, good company and a warm fireplace.

About the brewery

The Austmann Brewery is a craft brewery located on Høvringen inTrondheim, Norway. It was founded in 2013 by Anders Cooper, Vinko Lien Sindelar and Thomas Sjue. The Austmann Brewery is unique since here the beer is fermented in open square vessels rather than in high standing cylindrical tanks. The process is old-fashioned and cumbersome, but the beer gets better of it. For the Austmann Brewery brewing is about the craft, passion and great flavours.

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Allergens info: Contains cereals: Wheat, barley, corn. May contain sulphites.